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Want More Millennial Customers? Groupon Is Helping With Its New Advertising

by Stacey Riska on February 24, 2017 No comments

Groupon is zeroing in on working millennials.

As reported in the Chicago Business Journal, The Chicago-based deals site today is launching a new campaign from the O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul Chicago agency. Click below to watch:

The campaign targeting millennials is an extension of a campaign from OKRP that debuted last year. That previous campaign pushed the theme that people increasingly want to spend hard-earned money on experiences like those on offer at Groupon rather than on collecting more material possessions.

This new iteration of that earlier campaign, also with pertinent lyrics set to the familiar “Funiculi Funicula” melody, shows in 15-second and 30-second snippets how millennials can use Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) to save up to $100 a week to do things they like to do everyday.

One 15-second spot shows millennials chowing down in various settings, while a second focuses on a young woman celebrating a new job with spa treatments and a new hairdo. While the music is unconventional and unexpected, the visuals in the new work are pretty straightforward.

Groupon vice president of marketing for North America Jon Wild said of the new advertising: “As we continue to build on our successful 2016 ad campaign, which was about showcasing the experiences available on Groupon that make life great, we’re expanding our target audience and focusing on high-frequency categories with the message that customers can use Groupon every day to save money.”

Given the cord-cutting habits that increasingly large number of millennials are exhibiting, Groupon is doing a heavy buy on YouTube, Hulu, Crackle and other popular video platforms. The spots also will air on select cable channels and television programs, including “The Bachelor” and “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

The new marketing push comes in the wake of a successful year for customer growth at Groupon. The company said it added more than 5 million new customers in North America in 2016, the most in four years.

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Stacey RiskaWant More Millennial Customers? Groupon Is Helping With Its New Advertising

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