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Ring, Ring, Ring . . . . New Customers Await To Do Business With You

by Stacey Riska on June 19, 2016 No comments

Want your phone to ring with new customers asking about your products and services?

When you run a daily deal on a site like Groupon, people WILL check you out.

Watch the video below so your small business has the systems in place to ensure those new Groupon customers turn into loyal repeat customers:

If you’d prefer to read the transcript here you go:

Ring! Ring! Ring! The phone is ringing. How are you answering it?

Hi! I’m Small Business Stacey, here on a mission to save small business and rebuild Main Street. Today, I want to focus on your back office, particularly the telephone, because when you run a daily deal, people will check you out. That’s a good thing. They’re calling because they want to ask questions. Maybe they want to make a reservation. They want to get more information.

Have you ever checked out how you appear to these prospective customers? I called three businesses yesterday and not one answered the phone. Your homework today is to get your back office in place. I want you to mystery shop your own business. I want you to listen to how the phone is answered. Does it have a friendly, upbeat, positive tone?

When people mention that perhaps they want to learn more about your daily deal, or buy your Groupon, how does the person talking to them react? If that message happens to go to voicemail, what is your voicemail sound like? Do you encourage people to connect with you on social media and visit your website?

Your homework today is to make sure that your back office is in place, because people will call you and contact you when you run a daily deal.

Look forward to hearing your results. Have a great day everybody. Bye-bye.

Did you find this helpful? Let me know in the comment below. If you want to see a case study of a company that used Groupon to get more customers check out my post “Groupon Marketing Case Study: GoJump Oceanside Skydiving”

And if you want to know all of the secrets to doing a daily deal the right way – the secrets that took my business from $500K in debt to a 7-figure profitable business then check out the Daily Deals for Massive Profits Training Program:

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Stacey RiskaRing, Ring, Ring . . . . New Customers Await To Do Business With You